GoliatVIND is a floating offshore wind demonstration project in Norway.

About the project

Goliat is one of the world’s most impressive oil fields and is located in the Barents Sea on the coast of Norway.
Source Galileo Norge, Odfjell Oceandwind and Kansai Electric Power are collaborating on a demonstration project for floating offshore wind to supply the platform with renewable energy.

The Goliat platform is currently powered from shore via a 75 MW power cable. The purpose of the GoliatVIND project is to demonstrate floating offshore wind technology in Norway.

Project Timeline to 2030


Source Galileo Norge and Odfjell Oceanwind started collaborating on GoliatVIND



Source Galileo Norge secures €175M funding from Enova


GoliatVIND can be developed as early as 2027-2028, given that external factors are in place (e.g. regulatory framework, including incentives and licences for development from the authorities).


Kontoret vårt i Haugesund har en maritim plassering på kaien som er med på å skape vårt unike arbeidsmiljø
About Source Galileo Norge

At Source Galileo Norge, we understand the potential of floating offshore wind to help our planet transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable sources of energy – both in Norway and beyond.

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Our team's knowledge and expertise allows us to develop renewable energy projects in the most responsible manner. We want to build strong links with local host communities because we believe that together we can create a cleaner, brighter future for Norway.