Environment and the Climate Emergency

Norway must now act to help address the climate emergency that is facing all countries around the world.

The GoliatVIND project can play a key part in protecting our environment for future generations and help with the transition towards a climate neutral economy in Norway.


Development activities

To help us understand the potential opportunity at the site, Source Galileo Norge and our partners have been gathering essential environmental data for the project. This data allows our team to better understand the environmental and physical characteristics of the site and it will inform ongoing site suitability assessments.

Site surveys and environmental assessments are planned to continue throughout the development phase over a two-to-three-year period. Once all assessments are complete and the project team are confident that the project design has been optimised, Source Galileo will submit a planning application for the wind farm to the relevant authority.

Keeping you informed

As offshore wind farm development is an incremental process. At each step along the way we will share information and provide opportunities for our stakeholders to engage with us and help shape the project.

By engaging with the local community, businesses, and other stakeholders, we intend to foster meaningful relationships. Together, we can create a project that makes a positive contribution to both the local area and nationally.

You can stay up-to-date about progress on the project and upcoming public consultations by checking in regularly with our news section.